Hello and Thank You for stopping by! We assume you decided to visit us because you are looking for a memorable moment in your life to be forever captured by photography or videography. Well we can help! Framed by AT specializes in array of services from Engagements to Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography to New Born in Indianapolis, Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to follow you on your life journey and be there to capture all of your special moments.


We encourage you to check out our ‘About Us’ page to get to know us better.  Also check out our gallery and facebook page for updated content. You can find a variety packages on the "Investment" tab and if you don't see something that fits your memorable moment, then we would be happy to customize a package for you.  If you have additional questions, please email us at AT@FramedbyAT.com or fill out the ‘Contact Us' page. Have a sense of urgency? Don’t worry, we do too! We promise that we will contact you within 24 hours of your inquiry(but probably sooner).